We offer an extensive portfolio of rigorously tested medications in Oral and IV formats, prioritizing affordability without compromising quality. Our commitment is to provide accessible, high-quality healthcare solutions tailored to our customers' needs, fostering trust and contributing to better health outcomes in the Philippines.


"Delivering Affordable Healthcare Solutions through Quality Medicines"

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Marvin Macalalad, 

Managing Director

Marvin, serving as the Managing Director at McMacky Pharmaceuticals, possesses a distinguished academic background with a degree in Physical Therapy from St. Anne College of the Pacific. Boasting an impressive professional journey spanning over 25 years, Marvin has excelled as a Medical Representative, establishing a robust track record through engagements with both private hospitals and government health sectors.

At the helm of McMacky Pharmaceuticals, Marvin assumes a pivotal role in steering the company towards success. His visionary leadership and profound industry insight constitute the driving force behind the strategic growth and prominence that McMacky Pharmaceuticals enjoys within the healthcare landscape. With a wealth of experience and a stellar track record, Marvin Macalalad stands as an instrumental figure in the sustained excellence of McMacky Pharmaceuticals.

Irene Madridano, 

Head of Finance and Administration

Irene as the Head of Finance and Administration at McMacky Pharmaceuticals, leads with unparalleled expertise. A Registered Professional Nurse with a degree from Southern Luzon State University, Irene showcases her commitment to healthcare excellence.

Fortifying her healthcare foundation, Irene pursued accounting training at the Ateneo Business School and earned MBA units at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF). With nearly two decades of experience in healthcare and accounting both in Philippines and Abroad, Irene seamlessly combines profound healthcare understanding with strong administrative skills.

As the strategic architect guiding McMacky Pharmaceuticals, Irene ensures financial stability and operational efficiency, leaving an indelible mark on the organization's journey to healthcare excellence.

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